You say you want a Revolution…

I’ll start with one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite (revolutionary) bands. Dad used to blast The Beatles and it’s in my blood.

I am chomping at the bit to get the rest of my blogs posted and I thank Scott Dinsmore  for giving us this topic. My idea of a Revolution is to become a full fledged Human Being. A wise woman once told me ‘we are already divine, our work is to become human’. When I heard this – my headed nodded and I thought yes, this is a truth.

Being a fully realized human being starts with asking ourselves why we are here, what are our roots, how does this play into our story and how can we move beyond them. I started my revolution by looking for a spiritual path many years ago. I found a path and I found the perfect teacher for me. Keep in mind there were mentors (amazing people) along the way. They prepared me for the next steps in life. This path resonated in my heart. The real work was to become an integrated human being. Everyone’s path is different, but hopefully it leads all to the same place. Discerning minds, open hearts and healthy bodies. Not everything falls into place all at once, but they do come together.

So my revolution is sharing the mistakes that I have made, the successes and encourage folks to find true meaning in their lives. I have volunteered with children, worked in schools, the corporate sector and worked for myself. Little triumphs along the way, the real challenge will be reaching out to everyday people and hoping that I give you inspiration and receive inspiration to keep on the good fight. What are we fighting for – live great lives, nurture our relationships, help each other grow and take care of this beautiful planet we live on.

Talk to you soon, I’m rocking out to the Beatles here in my robe drinking my hot water, lemon & honey.

Rock on,


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