This is going to get hairy so be prepared.

Some folks love to get waxed. Hurray for them. This is a personal account of findings I have made through out the years of being a woman.

Every time I had the hair above my lip removed I would break out not to mention it looked I had been punched in the mouth. Horrible pustules and inflamed pores. I had to put tea tree oil and aloe to calm the skin down. Then there was the popping of white heads that arose. No Bueno!!!!

I tried all types of wax and I had professionals do it, still my skin wasn’t having it. Then there was the leg waxing that stopped ages ago. The last time I had my legs waxed (from the knee down – thank god I am not a particularly hairy woman) I was lying on the table as this lovely asian woman proceeded to rip the hair off of my leg. I yelped for the last time and said out loud – why the hell am I doing this. It hurts like hell and there isn’t much there to wax anyways, more importantly who the hell am I doing it for? I’m not a porn star. 

A few years ago I was working for a big spa in NYC – waxing is a huge part of the program and one gal thought she was going to get me to lie down for a Brazilian Wax. Now by this time I had done a ton of research on skin, hair nails – the full regalia. If you don’t know what a Brazilian wax is –GTS  I said HELL NO.

The Waxing Thing

Waxing goes way back, even before bikini’s were invented. Some cultures actually believe that it is good hygiene to remove all of the pubic hair that actually protects the genitalia in the first place. Fact – waxing stretches the skin, it can rip the skin (or what they call – lift the skin) and it also can desensitize the skin. Think about it – hot wax on the most sensitive part of your body being yanked off.  What do we think is going to happen?

Stretching the Skin

Does anybody want a labia lift @ 60 years of age?

Desensitizing the Skin

If you have a crappy sex life – be it single or married. Desensitizing your vagina in anyway is not going to help you. Electric toys are not going to bring you true intimacy and fulfillment if you have no idea what you are supposed to feel. Yeah, you may get your dopamine fix and then you are right back where you started. If you are having a hard time becoming aroused in the first place this will certainly bring you less fulfillment than you bargained for.


First thing that comes to mind is – remove yourself from the HERD mentality. Think about what you’re doing and why. Trends can be fun, but this borders on self mutilation. Yes people make money doing this and blessed be. I’ve switched to threading my eyebrows and upper lip. My eyebrows look beautiful and I am not in pain. The nether regions are manicured the good ‘ole fashioned way and I make sure the ‘gift’ is shrouded in protection. Why because I love myself and my vagina.

So – I hope you have enjoyed my rant. I had a load fun getting this off my chest. Feel free to share.






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