This Time of Year


Life continues, does it not ?  This is a time for recapping all of the year’s events. A dear friend of mine as well as a mother figure once taught me a practice for reviewing the year’s events. I usually do this around my birthday, but what the heck – I’ll share it with you now.

Draw a circle, draw a a line straight down the middle. On one half draw rays from the circle that a pertinent to the ‘positive’ aspects of the year (and this can be people or an event) on the other half draw rays for the so-called negative aspects (people or events). In the middle of the circle write down names of events that were the most important. After all was said and done, I found that there were no negatives or positives. They were all things that contributed to growth, self-awareness and above all Love.

While I was not raised to celebrate holidays, I find that the most important thing is to value what we have, make the best of it and continue to move forward.

Once we find a way to move through obstacles and find the Silver Lining the better off we are.

Rejoice for the Year that you have had, remember that tomorrow is another day to find joy and gratitude. There is not greater joy than knowing that we are here for a greater purpose – everyone has their motivators. The love of another can not supplant anything. Self love and unconditional forgiveness trumps the rest. Yes of course we need to cover our basics in life and be responsible for our actions and what not, but at the end of the day – Love yourself and one another. This is what makes the world go Round. The LOVE.




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