Grace & Gratitude

My swans - my pic
Swans have always represented Grace for me. This couple landed as I walking up to the pond and came to greet me. They must have known how much I love Swans and I feel blessed every time I see them.  – Hammonasset State Park,CT

Grace & Gratitude have been on my mind lately. There’s a ‘complaining gene’ that was inherited and it sometimes runs amuck. Keeping these two in the ‘ole lifestyle management tool box’ are essential to maintaining a genuine level of happiness. Excessive complaining puts us in a mind set where we attract more of what we don’t want. Yes it’s true we all need to vent and blow off steam at times,  repressed stress can manifest itself into over eating (stuffing our emotions), excessive drinking, an ulcer or a heart attack, that list is a mile long. We will also worry, this leads to fear in turn making things worse. How can we leave space for being grateful and happy for the grace that is present in our every day lives?

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.  Marcus Tullius Cicero

To be graceful means that we continually give thanks. There are people that say thank you because it’s the polite thing to do, but sometimes there are those ‘thank you’s’ that make you feel extra special. When someone really appreciates something that you have done for him or her, it gives you a glow.

Gratitude will also display itself  in the form of generosity. True generosity comes with ease -example – you are going to visit a friend or family member and you pick up their favorite scented candle or you know that someone is having a hard day and you give them a call, send them a card or a cheerful email. It’s an extension of ourselves that costs us nothing to give and brings joy to everyone. Both the giver and the receiver are being blessed with Grace. Gratitude and grace are the flip side of the same coin.

Life is a great classroom for building character and happiness. Here’s a call to action – find a silver lining in the most uncomfortable and painful situations, seek the truth of the matter, turn the mirror on yourself and see where you can improve and then give thanks for the opportunities to grow and evolve each day. Grace will manifest itself in the most beautiful ways. Believe!

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