First Believe It – Then You’ll See It

You are the creator of your own reality because you are the chooser of the thought right now.



Have you ever found yourself thinking about something that you wanted to have happen and then it does. Then you think to yourself wow I actually wished that into being, perhaps I need to be careful about what I think and why.

The power to use thought as a masterful tool is an ancient concept. Yogi’s knew about the power of using their minds to alter things, including your own physiology. If you agree that everything around us is made of some type of energy made manifest into form – it stands to reason that we are energetic beings and our thoughts are like energetic transmission. When you stop to think about the capabilities we have, to not only control our thoughts, but manifest those thoughts into being – it’s a good time to say ‘I need to do this consciously’. Once things get into motion they start to take a life on of their own. We may not even be aware of how it all started. The thing is everything starts with the power of thought. The feelings we have while we are having these thoughts makes an impact on the outcome.

Let’s break it down in terms of real life experience. Let’s say you want to start a business, you have made the effort to get a location, the money is in place and you have your business plan in place. The questions that come to mind are the following – why do you want to start the business in the first place, why did you choose the location, what is the ultimate goal? If we are in tune with our feelings & motivations and it all lines up, chances are things will go well. Of course there are plenty of other details that go into running a successful business, but if you stay in the place of clarity, focus, one-pointed intention and creativity amazing things can happen.

It’s in the big picture, the details, the vision and the belief that all things are possible – if we really believe we can have it. Now this does not apply to getting someone to love you. That’s an entirely different story, while you could try to manipulate someone into being with you (and you can manipulate people into doing a lot of things) it’s probably not going to last and neither one of you is  going to be genuinely happy.

” You are the architect of your life and you decide your destiny. ” – Swami Rama


Be the architect of your own life – ‘You mean I am responsible for how my life turns out in the grand scheme of things?’ While we may not control anyone else or circumstances – we are still in charge of how we choose to live our lives and contribute to society.

It all starts with our thoughts and setting the tone internally for things to start to germinate. My teach PRT once said ‘how do you expect to make friends with your mind if you are trying to kill it’. Boom – when I heard this the first time I knew that my meditation practice was going to continually be a source of comfort and guidance. Self talk – the mind chatter is one to watch. Are we trying to beat ourselves into submission or do we lovingly coax ourselves into a place of self soothing and appreciation. No one else can do this for us. In addition to the fact that I am the only force in my Life that has the key to making myself happy. While happiness is a broad topic I think it’s safe to assume for most of it means – peace, joy, equanimity, fulfillment – you get the gist.

The germination process starts off with one single thought or idea and grows. So what are we going to think about? Unicorns and fairy’s are lovely to be sure, but we want to get to the things that ‘turn us on’ get’s the fire burning inside of us to improve, thrive and prosper. We all have different ideas of what that is and it’s important that we tune into it on a daily basis.

Let us not forget the company that we keep. If we want to progress on Seeing the manifestation of goals – our fellow pilgrims on this journey of life need to be uplifting, honest and on the same page just to name a few. You can’t expect to climb Mt. Everest if you’re hanging out with folks that don’t even know it exists or where it is.

Knowing, sensing, feeling and believing are all the precursors to bringing things to life. You’ve got a dream – affirm it, Believe It, Act on It, Listen to the cues that come from deep within (intuition), get into alignment with it and then eventually you’ll see it. If you don’t believe me scroll back on your life, check to see how many things you said you were going to do or that would come to pass and watch what turns up. They may not have turned out exactly they way you wanted to, but they happened, right? Think about things you didn’t want to have happen, but you fretted so much about it that it did happen? Now imagine what could happen if you were clear & deliberate about a goal – so one pointed you amazed yourself and people around you.  Some folks call it Magic and it kind of is, more importantly it is the amazing power we were given to choose our thoughts and actions into Being.


Peace & I’m Out







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