Day of Thanks

You gotta Love Jon Stewart
I’m Grateful for and Love Jon Stewart. Nothing like irreverent honest humor to brighten your day.


Autumn is my favorite season. Spring & Autumn I should say, you can’t have a harvest if you haven’t planted any seeds, right.

Anyhooch, this time of year is exhilarating and when I was a wee lass I enjoyed the holidays, even though I was not allowed to celebrate them. Why- because my mom is a JW and they don’t believe in celebrating pagan or man-made holidays. It’s alright I got over it.  I will say that it made me question where these rituals came from in the first place. At least now I can be an informed participant, if I chose to participate at all. Along with learning about the origins of holidays, I was a fan of Native American Indians and studied them as well (there is a lot to learn). I was appalled when I learned about the truth of how the natives were treated and the arrogance and falseness of the so-called founders. Of course once you start digging a hole the ‘bodies’ start to show up. These types of things have been happening throughout history and throughout the world.

How does one reconcile celebrating a holiday that was founded on lies and treachery – keep it real and give thanks that we are not in the same situation. Does that seem childish or simplistic – perhaps. I choose to give thanks and remember the good in people. At least there has been some restitution for the Native Americans and they are now bleeding many a folk at the slots. Seems fair. Karma has a way of working things out.

Grace & Gratitude – it’s a good primer

Giving thanks for what we have and are about to receive is a good way to count one’s blessings. I LOVE cranberry sauce, so I am grateful there are plenty of cranberries for sale. It’s a half full cup way of looking at things.

This in no way means that people are absolved for their actions, especially heinous crimes. The point is we as individuals can only control our own actions and be grateful that we have somehow managed to have better lives,  It’s also a time to give back. I used to bring canned foods & fresh fruit to a soup kitchen near my house when I lived in CT. It felt good to share -gave me a warm glow inside, they didn’t even know it was me dropping off the bags of food. It’s easy to look magnanimous when you have an audience.  A small act of kind will brighten anyone’s day.


We live in a land of plenty. Yes there are still folks that are homeless and have no food. How is it that so many people have loads of shit in their garages, but they wont donate to good will – if we think that we are lacking, we will start hoarding out of fear. There is plenty to go around. The point is we need to share our wealth in order to multiply it.  If we do not give, why should we continually feel that we should be getting. Not saying to give it away indiscriminately, just share.

Melange of Life

In addition to cranberries, I love stuffing because it’s got a little bit of the turkey, veggies, bread and it goes really well with the cranberry sauce.  The melange of the flavors is a joy to experience. So is the melange of people who are brought together during the holiday season. Bringing people together that you would otherwise not meet. I have had some lovely Thanksgiving dinners with people from all over the world.

We can trump the origins of this holiday by making it about the people around us, all the things we have to be grateful for and sharing the abundance of the things in our lives.

Really, when you look around there is always something to be grateful for. Try it – you might find yourself with a list a mile long. As my mom would say ‘Everyday is Thanksgiving Day’!

Ciao for Now,



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