Authenticity – Is it worth it

How many times have you been walking through life thinking you have to act, look, speak and respond in a way that makes everyone else feel comfortable and safe. On the flip side how many times have you been vulnerable and totally honest while people completely took advantage of your willingness to be open.

I’m going to go off topic – bear with me. It’ll be worth it.

This world can seem pretty jaded and dare I say totally fucked up on so many levels. This world is also a magical place with infinite possibilities if we only got on with being our best selves. Now you may say it’s not as easy as you think. I say It is as Easy as you ‘Think’. It wont be easy if you’re facocked, meaning you’re confused and living in state of self loathing. Thing is, if we believe that our lives can be better, it will get better.

I’m sure you were wondering where does authenticity come into play. By the way, nothing of what I am saying is original, I just really like to write and talk and so here it is. Anyhooch, working authenticity into everyday life means we have to face our shit. Not only do we have to face it, we actually need to do something about it. We have to take responsibility for it. As long as we tell ourselves, oh I am wounded and a broken person – well that is what you are going to be, but this is not living an Authentic Life. Why in the world would we want to think we were broken victims all of our lives, even if horrible shit happened when we were 4, 10 and 16 years old. Look at Oprah, I know we are not all going to be her, but for goodness sake take a page out of the woman’s book of life. We are not authentic when we dim our ‘light’. We are not being authentic when we dismiss our feelings, I am not saying you should go postal when you are mad, I am just saying why do  deny your feelings and thoughts.

Oh and complaining (different from venting – how, well complaining is the same shit over and over again, venting is speaking it and then moving on). Complaining does not help us be authentic, it keeps us on the same old record, which in turn completely clouds our vision of what is true. What is that Truth – we are all Divine. We are embodiment’s of the Divine. Not that you are an arrogant or ego maniacal idiot, but an Actual Divine Being. Being Human is grist for the Universal Learning Mill of Life.

I do wish sometimes when people asked how I am doing – I could say well I am a little constipated or I just had a shitty day. Wait a minute I do say those things, but only to my friends. You know what when we are authentic it really helps other people be authentic too. Of course we all judge each other a little (that’s the humanness thing). If we don’t take it too personally then it all comes out in the proverbial wash as it were.

So – take away, be yourself if other people don’t like it, fuck it. Just kidding, but really most of us are inherently good people and if  we believe this about ourselves and others, wouldn’t it be nice to let your ‘hair down’ and give each other a break. This of course is not a license to be an asshole to people, even though we think they might deserve it.

In answer to the original question – is it worth it. Yeah, it is.




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