Me – I’m a native New Yorker living in NorCal. A sassy gal with loads of opinions figured I’d write them down. I’ve been told I’m a smart ass and I would have to agree. Smart Assery runs in my family. Been around the block a few times and I’ve met tons of characters in my life. This gives me loads of material to work with.

I’m not a holy roller, but I have lived in an Ashram and I do have a teacher. PRT is what I call him and my life has been changed dramatically for the better. I got certified as a Yoga Teacher  back when it wasn’t fashionable and I have had two Yoga studios. Yes I actually have a meditation practice. I do it because it makes me a better human being.  More importantly when you move through your own junk you are in a better position to help others move through theirs. I used to be a vegan, macro-biotic and vegetarian. Not all at the same time, but at one point in time or another. Does this make me a better person. Not necessarily, just informed. I was in the ‘wellness industry’ for over 2 decades. I will carry on the trend of living the best life I can. This transition to publishing blogs is an extension of the work I have done thus far.

I do care about important issues such as children, the environment and the planet we live on. I have a lot of studies under my belt and no formal degree. I am working on a PhD of Life.

I have had a great deal of encouragement to get back on this horse and write. This will be anecdotal and empirical in nature. Most importantly I want to keep it real, touch minds and hearts and hopefully inspire you. I believe that Mr. Benjamin Franklin said it best – “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” I say, a little bit of both.


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  1. Great ‘About’ and having just met you in person, I look forward to following your scripts….especially as a trans-planted New Englander like me!

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